For our small but proud business, we are so grateful for the support given from our local community over the past few years. It’s important to us to always give back to the community, and that what we do should always have a positive impact.

We love to get stuck into projects and lending our support wherever we can. We’d love to share with you some of those little projects we have been involved with.

If you know of any organizations or projects that you think we could help out with, please let us know; we are always wanting to give back.

Home and Family Counselling

Home and Family are a well-established community-based service that provides counselling to children, youths, individuals, couples and families, and have done so for the past 120 years.

With Home and Family Counselling, Studio81 has sponsored their various fundraiser events and staff photography. Being able to support Home and Family Counselling means that we help it to continue to run, which in turn enables them to continue to provide their services to the general public who need them.

Opera charity event organised by Home and Family Counselling at Highwic, Newmarket

Genesis Youth Trust

Genesis Youth Trust combines youth work, social work, mentoring, counselling, family therapy, and whanau programmes to promote positive lifestyle changes to at risk youth and their families.”

Genesis Youth Trust offer mentoring programmes for both young girls and boys who are considered at risk. As part of completing their mentoring programme, young girls are invited to come to Studio81 to experience some of the services the studio provides. The young people of today are our future leaders, and by investing even just a little bit of time with them, this could create a positive impact that will remain far reaching later on in life.

Feeding the Homeless

Every day we seem to walk past more and more people who now live on the streets. Speaking to a few, we found that they often go without eating, whether it’s one day or several. We took the time out to bulk cook simple hot meals to hand out, and are hoping to work with Auckland City Mission in future to see how else we can help.

Treasures of the Heart

‘Treasures of the Heart’ is a collection of real stories from real people in the Senior community (persons aged 70+) who have an item that they treasure dearly – ranging from a well-decorated Veterans Jacket, to an antique clock with a long history. This collection gave the seniors a voice to share their stories and impart a little wisdom to the greater community.

This is all part of an on-going Studio Book project helmed by Director/Master Photographer Jeff Chan. We all have elders or family members with amazing stories, big or small; this collection is a great way to not only preserve those stories, but also allows those we love to read and reflect back on a life well lived.

To introduce you to the series, we begin with Colin Whyte.

Do you or anyone you know have a story to tell? We’d love to help you share it!