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15mins of fame

“In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” Andy Warhol

The cover shoot will allow you to extend that 15mins as well as showing you that everybody has what it takes to be under the spot light.

Self expression: Being yourself matters

It is all about celebrating who you are and what you are passionate about. Through self-discovery, the photo shoot will reignite and cultivate your dreams, life goals, and passions.

You could bring in your favourite item that explores and tells a story about you, or bring your friend who has the biggest impact or been the biggest influence in your life.

Our aim is to capture your potential and allow you to rediscover who you are. This series of imageries can be relived and brought to life by one of our digital packages, as well as the printed versions. If you appreciate the art gallery quality print then our premier print package would be perfect for you.

Art is everywhere and in everything; don’t forget the fact that YOU are the masterpiece.

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men photography auckland

A moment frozen in time

Allow yourself the chance to direct and recreate your favourite film scene, album cover, fashion, or era. This is your perfect opportunity to get dressed up and get involved, immersing yourself in a different time.

Have your say on how things will look. Offer your direction and thoughts on set up. Why not get your friends involved? This is your chance to call the shots. Action!

An exploration into uncharted territory

Have you ever wondered, “What are dreams for?” This is your chance to let your creativity shine.

At STUDIO81, we will assist you to memorize your recent dreams and then turn the faded memories into vivid, artistic imageries. We are here to assist you to dig into the your own subconscious and relive those mysterious scene.

You will be absolutely stunned by our final product, in which you can keep your dream alive, secured and add that into your art collection.

men photography auckland

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