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Tēnā Koe e hoa.

Recently I relocated to pursue my studies - Bicultural bachelor’s in Social Services. Choosing to equip myself to establish and provide a service addressing ‘Prisoner Aid Rehabilitation service’ I believe would benefit my community - Tai Tokerau that has and continues to faction through lack of education, support, and resources, yet prevails to Survive! Whilst working part time in security and my studies comes great personal sacrifice – My Whānau, My Son and Daughter - Home!

Yet as whānau – Prevail to continue.

Āhurutanga - Māori Kupu, relating to creating “Safe Spaces.” I love this word. Whether in your home around your associate, work environments to your community. Being a Māori Wahine born of a unique Breed in a small-town community had its belly aching fun memories and its challenges, yet nevertheless returning Home always excites me. ‘HOME’ where we know it safe warm and emanate natural love, food, whānau. 5 ½ weeks ago my whānau and friends laid our nephew Peter Keven to rest at 25 years old after failing to survive his life’s hikoi to suicide. Sadly, enough whilst incarcerated as well.

Whānau far and wide coming together to Awhi, provide support, mahi even. Also making time to enjoy just one of homes beauties – hanging at the local swimming hole. Just a stones throw away from our nephew (PK). Whānau – Nieces, Nephews, Babies, and Kuia in our (Safe Space) choose to wind down basking in each other’s company. BBQ on the go, sun close to setting when local/known gang members dressed head to toe in black, some wearing balaclavas, attacked us all. For reasons still unknown - Cowardly nonetheless from the men and boys involved.

My recovery from Stab Wounds inflicted that day physically is slow, but steady every other day. Emotionally I struggle with A LOT, unpacking the emotional impact is constrictive – Daily.

Laying the nephew to rest, could have easily been me! I REFUSE to allow uneducated, low self esteem and poorly loved individuals take away from the memory of our nephew Peter Keven. Returning Home to acknowledge the importance of my need for ĀHURUTANGA within My Home surroundings, which of whom they choose to Hurt me, HURT us all upon our own Whenua!

Āhurutanga for my whānau

Āhurutanga for my community

Āhurutanga within and for myself

Whilst continuing to move in the light with LOVE....

God Bless and Kia kaha to ALL xox

Blog written by: Mererina


The #IAMFEARLESS campaign was run by Studio81 as a way to encourage women from all walks of life to kickstart, inspire, and/or motivate any upcoming goals they had, to share a part of their life's journey, and to impart any wisdoms learned along the way.


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