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I want to live my best life full of love and laughter - Julie

Kia Ora. My name is Julie, I'm 58, I'm a Nan, Mum, and a Friend.

At the young age of 15, I became pregnant. Being I'd never touched alcohol, I was fed rum and coke until I collapsed into sleep. 14 weeks later, I got the results saying I had a positive test. I realised I had been a victim of rape which changed the course of my life. I fell into abusive violent relationships which continued until I was about 52, when after coping with the struggle of domestic violence, I had finally had enough.

I am happier than I've ever been. I have five beautiful Girls, one handsome son, 12 beautiful grandkids, and I'm beginning to love myself again. My next chapter is to learn Te Reo, as my ethnicity is Māori.

I want to live my best life filled with love and laughter #IAMFEARLESS

Blog written by: Julie


The #IAMFEARLESS campaign was run by Studio81 as a way to encourage women from all walks of life to kickstart, inspire, and/or motivate any upcoming goals they had, to share a part of their life's journey, and to impart any wisdoms learned along the way.


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