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My health is my wealth - Tina

My story isn’t original, but I’m on a journey that I am proud of. I’m married with four great kids, and I have spent a lot of my life putting others first - it’s not their fault, it’s just the way that it worked out.

In October 2020, I joined Fitmumz gym, and realized pretty quickly that not only had I not been looking after myself, I had also stopped loving myself. I had limited mobility and was grossly overweight. I also suffered from depression, and was told countless times that being active might help, but I was in a dark rushed place of always being busy for everyone else. I was managing to get by but not in a good way. I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror while I worked out, it was like looking at a stranger.

I haven’t started putting myself first, but I have started making myself equal to others in my family. I've lost 20 odd kilos but what I've gained is unmeasurable. I have gained a respect for my body, and I've learned that loving myself as much as I love my kids is so vital. I make time for myself and I am looking after myself with the same rigour as I employ to look after my family, and I'm all the better for it.

Some people have made the mistake of asking me about my weight loss targets. I tell them there is no goal weight or size, it's all about wellness. I'm working on it constantly. The journey has been life changing and it’s something I want to celebrate.

Blog written by: Tina


The #IAMFEARLESS campaign was run by Studio81 as a way to encourage women from all walks of life to kickstart, inspire, and/or motivate any upcoming goals they had, to share a part of their life's journey, and to impart any wisdoms learned along the way.


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