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Studio81 Boudoir Photography Studio Auckland

About Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir is a sensual style of photography featuring intimate and romantic images of you. Initially the thought of doing such a shoot could be quite daunting, but in reality it is a positive experience.

Some choose to do a Boudoir shoot as a gift to their significant other and others simply want to try something new and boost their self confidence. Whatever the reason may be, we focus on making the session as comfortable and fun as possible. 

Here's the thing: most women struggle with their body image. We've seen everyone complaint about one thing or another -  too small, too big, too tall, too short, cellulite, shape of the nose etc. 

The bottom line is, every one is their own worst critic & picks on something about themselves regardless of how beautiful they are. 

The idea behind this is to use these photos to keep inspiring your confidence and appreciate your body.

While minimal clothing or lingerie is usually worn, the main focus of a Boudoir shoot is to capture you in a way that flatters and compliments your body, while also making you feel empowered and sexy.

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