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My life is a gift and I don't want to waste it living in Fear - Vanessa

What makes a person fearless you ask? I might not be able to answer that question but I can share with you what makes me fearless. I believe I am FEARLESS. Not because I have no fears or worries, but I am fearless because I have fears. Let me explain. I have been diagnosed with mental illnesses since I was a teenager, I have been admitted into the psychiatry ward too many times than I can count, I have been in situations where I have no control over, I have been in situations where I do not know what will happen next. I have been in circumstances where nothing seems like there is a way out or light at the end. Trust me, I have been in your shoes. BUT despite these scary times, I survived. I have achieved two degrees, engaged twice, married once, lost a baby before and looking forward to having my own family. Fears have shaped my life, and fears are inevitable but they are not the final answer. A life overcoming fears is a what it means to be fearless, it is what means to be human.

This doesn’t mean I have my life altogether, nor does it mean I have all the answers, NO! But it does mean I am on my path and there is hope for better tomorrows. My life is a gift and I don’t want to waste it living in fear. Instead, I want to follow where-ever it takes me, even if it means facing my greatest fear--- going on it alone.

"He is my Refuge and my Fortress, My God in whom I Trust" - Psalm 91:2

Blog written by: Vanessa


The #IAMFEARLESS campaign was run by Studio81 as a way to encourage women from all walks of life to kickstart, inspire, and/or motivate any upcoming goals they had, to share a part of their life's journey, and to impart any wisdoms learned along the way.


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